Zhenjiang Company Resolves the Difficulty of Oversized Head Production of Honggang Project
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2020.01.16

Recently, the opening and lineation of oversized head of Honggang project was completed successfully, which passed inspection at one time, providing strong guarantee for the welded joint of the following plug weld.

The Honggang project is a key project of Zhenjiang company(one of the manufacturing subsidiaries of SINOMACH-HE). Currently, the head of the project has completed joint of head cover and melon petal. At the same time, the top opening butt welded to the manhole and the large-end-face groove are ready for final assembly.

Through a series of precise operation, the angle of the inclined hole reached astonishing 0.013°, which improved significantly in terms of precision compared with the traditional lineation method of 0.1°precision. The successful implementation of this project has provided valuable experience for formulating the lineation method of oversized rotor.