Intelligent Steelmaking Project Has Been Put into Operation in SINOMACH-HE
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2021.05.20

Recently, LF refining intelligence upgrading EPC project of SINO-HEAVYMACH for Laiwu Steel Group Yinshan Section Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LAI GANG Group) passed the test, thus establishing itself as the first self-developed intelligent steelmaking EPC project and marking a significant breakthrough and innovation of equipment intelligence and strengthening its competitive edge in the metallurgical intelligent equipment.

As the main refining equipment outside the steel-making furnace, LF refining furnace is a key link of steel-making process, used in molten steel refinery, molten steel temperature control and adjustment of working procedure and rhythm, with the ability of improving the quality of molten steel and maintaining continuity of production.

Before the upgrading, LF refining furnace fundamental automatic system could only achieve basic functions of single equipment with some sore points in common with other similar equipment in the same industry.

The successful upgrading by SINO-HEAVYMACH produced the new system based on the specialist system, metallurgical model and big data of process, overcoming multiple insufficiencies and defects of the original system with notable effect.

In the coming days, SINO-HEAVYMACH will play a long-term role of technical superiority in contributing to innovative development and intelligent upgrading of the metallurgical and heavy equipment manufacturing in China.