The First-phase Project of Eastern Looped Network of CHMC on All Fronts Has Been Electrified
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2021.06.02

On May 20th, the southern part of eastern looped network in CHMC, which is the 230kV Kratie-Mondoi Kiri line and 230Kv Mondoi converting station were electrified. Until now, the first-phase project of eastern looped network has been electrified on all fronts.

The first-phase project of eastern looped network has included two converting stations and 275 kilometers of 230Kv power transmission lines. The construction period lasted for 36 months. In July 2020, the northern line of the first-phase 230Kv power transmission project was electrified.

As major part of the national network of Cambodia, the eastern looped network project will greatly improve the power supply of Cambodia, strengthen the stability of its power transmission and power system, providing guarantee of power supply for improving peoples livelihood, industrial development and commercial trade.