SINO-HEAVYMACH Has Been Honored with the Title of the Great Supplier of Copper Processing Industry in China
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2021.07.15

Recently, SINO-HEAVYMACH, one of the subsidiaries of SINOMACH-HE, won the honorable title of the great supplier of copper processing industry in China at the annual meeting of China Copper Processing Industry and the meeting of China Copper Industry High-quality Development.

As one of the leading enterprises in copper stripper rolling industry, on the strengths of meticulous research innovation and sound project management, long-time brand cultivation and rich experience, SINO-HEAVYMACH has been ranking top in the suppliers of the copper stripper rolling in China. In recent years, through continual research innovation, SINO-HEAVYMACH has developed a series of new technologies and new processes with precise strip rolling quality, which conform to environmental requirements and address the essential needs of the client. From process, equipment to automatic system, SINO-HEAVYMACH can satisfy the needs of the high-end client in full measure, having won the extensive applause from the copper processing companies.

With the theme of new concepts and new ideals in a new phase, this grand meeting attracted over 500 copper processing industries and over 950 academicians and specialists in relevant fields. All the attendants made deep analysis and insightful suggestions over the prospective development of the copper processing industry in terms of national policies, industry upgrading, technological development and capital operation.