Zhenjiang Company Has Shipped Three Hydrogenation Reactors of Yulong Project
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2022.09.29

Recently, three hydrogenation reactors of Shandong Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project (Phase I), contracted by Erzhong Equipment and co-manufactured by Zhenjiang Company, were reassembled in Zhenjiang Company and sent to the user's site.


The Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project is an important deployment for the country to adjust and optimize the petrochemical industry layout, enhance the industrial competitiveness and promote green development. The total investment of the project is about 127.4 billion yuan, and it is planned to build a crude oil processing capacity of 20 million tons per year and 2× 1.5 million tons of ethylene plant per year. After this project is completed, it will further promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, improve the level of refining and chemical integration and provide support for building a world-class high-end petrochemical industry base.


Erzhong Equipment and Zhenjiang Company gave full play to the development advantages of large petrochemical vessels. Both sides cooperated with each other and successfully completed the manufacturing and shipping of three hydrogenation reactors, which strongly promoted the project construction.