CHMC Tatay Hydropower Station Has Exceeded the Power Generation Plan for 8 Consecutive Years
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2022.11.17

Recently, the Tatay Hydropower Station in Cambodia, invested and operated by CHMC, achieved actual on-grid power 850 million kWh, reached and exceeded the designed power generation by 125 days ahead of schedule, which meant that CHMC had exceeded the annual power generation plan for eight consecutive years. As of September 15th 2022, the Tatay Hydropower Station in Cambodia had been operating safely for 2506 days, providing Cambodia with clean and reliable energy and achieving good economic and social benefits.

 For a long time, CHMC and the Cambodian government have carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with regard to people's livelihood, security, economic development, epidemic prevention and control, environmental protection and other aspects of work, fully demonstrating the good image of Chinese enterprises in performing social responsibilities, which has been widely praised by all sectors of Cambodia and received sustained attention from the Chinese and Cambodian media.