Erzhong Equipment Has Received the Letters of Appreciation from Three Nuclear Power Companies
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2022.11.17

Recently, CNNC Guodian Zhangzhou Energy Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Electric KSB Nuclear Power Pump Valve Co., Ltd. successively sent letters of appreciation to express their gratitude for the contributions made by Erzhong Equipment in the implementation of the main pump shell project of Unit 2 of Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Phase I Project.

"Especially in the later stage of project implementation, your company is showing the spirit of responsibility that the state-owned enterprises should have." China Nuclear Power Zhangzhou Energy Co., Ltd. expresses its sincere thanks for the smooth delivery of the main pump casing; "In particular, at the end of the project, the commandos overcame multiple adverse factors such as power limitation, high temperature and epidemic situation in the plant, and optimized the manufacturing cycle of the pump casing of Unit 2 for nearly two months", which won the high recognition of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. for the strategic partner of Erzhong Equipment.

The three companies said that they looked forward to continuing to strengthen cooperation with the Erzhong Equipment, working together to promote new achievements in more aspects of work.