CHMC Signed the Marshall Islands PV System
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2022.11.25

Recently, CHMC signed the supply contract for the Marshall Islands PV system steel structure project and the Marshall Yibai Corridor PV system steel structure project.


CHMC will supply the steel structures and accessories required by the Marshall Islands Stadium, warehouses, schools and covered bridges, and provide relevant services. After the overall completion of the project, it will effectively improve the hardware level of local public facilities, guarantee the construction foundation of photovoltaic micro grid, enhance the shortage of local power supply and the living electricity level of residents.


This is a new achievement made by CHMC in actively exploring the layout of new fields and developing its business by means of EPC, investment and financing, trade and other ways. CHMC will further strengthen the development of relevant markets, strive to achieve in-depth development in the field of new energy, and help the company achieve the development goals of the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan".