Siemens Energy, Erzhong Equipment and Chengdu Heavy Machinery Jointly Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Category:HighlightsRelease date:2023.04.21

On March 21st, Wang Huiqiu, the General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Erzhong Equipment, met with Huang Jie, the Vice President and Supply Chain Director of Siemens Energy Co., Ltd. Both sides held in-depth discussions on deepening cooperation in various fields and promoting the development of new high-end castings and forgings, and witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Siemens Energy, Erzhong Equipment and Chengdu Heavy Machinery.

The three parties jointly agreed that Siemens Energy is a world-renowned leading enterprise in energy equipment, Erzhong Equipment is a large-scale high-end casting and forging research base and important supplier in the energy field, and Chengdu Heavy Machinery is a window for Erzhong Equipment's high-end casting and forging to go global, providing strong support for building high-end equipment in the energy field through cooperation among all parties. With enormous potential for future cooperation, the three parties will work together for win-win results by further deepening consensus, enhancing mutual trust, leveraging their advantages and continuously expanding cooperation areas.